Bend Stiffener Connector

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Bend Stiffener Connector

As operators look to increase the number of subsea field tie-backs to their offshore facilities, the ability to add new flexible risers and umbilical’s quickly and easily in space-restricted locations, without the need for divers, is the cost-effective proposition offered by First Subsea's range of self-energising, ROV-less and diverless Bend Stiffener Connectors (BSC). The BSC is enabling operators to perform faster and safer installations of flexible risers and umbilical’s to 'crowded' platforms, FPSOs and Buoys.

The First Subsea BSC comprises of a Ballgrab® connector and a bend stiffener.

First Subsea BSCs offer:

  • ROV-less and diverless installation
  • Quick and easy engagement
  • Simple release procedure
  • Self-aligning and self-energising installation
  • No centraliser required

The BSC eliminates the need for both diver and ROV intervention. It enables a simpler riser / umbilical connection, as well as expanding the installation window by allowing BSC deployment in less favourable conditions than those needed for diver installation or in waters too shallow for effective ROV operation.

There are two types of BSC depending on the demands of the offshore environment and application:

  • Type I - This connector is specifically designed to allow risers and umbilical’s to be installed in existing I tube and J tube bell mouths. The connection is completed using an ROV.
  • Type II - This connector is designed for new build applications where the BSC receptacle is pre-installed. The connection can be completed with or without an ROV.

Automatic Release Clamp

The Automatic Release Clamp (ARC) is a fully automated method for installing flexibles to production platforms such as FPSO's and Submerged Turret Production (STP) buoys. The ARC system helps to reduce installation vessel time, whilst ensuring a safe, durable and mechanical lock to the client's end fitting. With increasing need to deploy larger flexibles, the load capacity required for the tip clamps becomes harder to design and manufacture. The ARC system eliminates the requirement for a tip damp during installation. It is capable of withstanding large installation angles and loads, and avoids the need for centralisers.

Dedicated Test Rig

First Subsea has a purpose-built test rig specifically designed to demonstrate the operation and function of the complete BSC pull-in system ahead of deployment offshore. The rig is capable of simulating a riser/umbilical weight of up to 100T, and allows evaluation of the angle of connector approach with maximum riser loads applied. 

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