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Deployment Tools

The Ballgrab® deployment tools provide a high capacity, simple and effective connection method for deploying and handling operations. The Ballgrab® can be designed to with stand any load capacity and it also avoids the need for floating ropes, pad eyes and shackles, enabling considerable savings in vessel time during deployment operations.

Typical Ballgrab® applications include:

  • Handling of FPSO STP & STL Buoys
  • Lifting of heavy loads such as manifolds and cocoons 
  • Handling of piles and subsea structures

Three main deployment tools types that are currently in use are:

  • Ballgrab® buoy pull-in tools provide a simple, remotely operated buoy abandonment and recovery system. They allow the buoy to be quickly connected and disconnected form the FPSO avoiding the need for floating ropes and shackles that are often impractical during recovery operations.
  • Ballgrab® heavy lift tools provide a simple and efficient method for connecting and disconnecting heavy loads to and from the ocean floor. First Subsea can engineer the connectors to any load capacity which can be used for any application the client wishes such as manifold, pile or subsea structure handling and deployment.
  • Ballgrab® cocoon tools are used to deploy well head protection systems. Because of the small and compact design, they provide a quick and efficient installation that will not release under load, allowing divers to install the cocoon safely.

Comprehensive Tool Testing

The deployment Ballgrab® Connector are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with “DNV for Lifting Appliances”. At our head offices based in Lancaster UK, we have upgraded our test facilities to 2,600T to ensure we stay the class leading supplier for deployment projects. For any onshore application, our tools are CE marked and certified to guarantee a high class product.


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