Renewable Connectors

First Subsea understands the importance of using alternative energy to fossil fuels. Therefore First Subsea has produced a number of connection systems to be used in the renewable market.

Wind Turbine Cable Connector - This Ballgrab® connector provides a diverless and ROVless cable connection for the installation of offshore wind turbines. Using this product provides greater flexibility as tighter installation tolerances and reduced installation and vessel times can be achieved.

Nacelle Connector - This structural Ballgrab® connector provides a diverless and ROVless installation for subsea turbine structures. Using this connector can reduce installation and vessel times dramatically as each connection can be completed within minutes. These large connectors are ideal for resisting high bending moments to provide a secure connection.

Tether Connector - The tether connector offers a unique system enabling fibre rope to be securely fastened to a flanged interface, clevis or pad eye. The compact design minimises installation and vessel time but also minimises splice length compared to traditional eye and thimble connections, enabling short tethers to be produced.

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