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Casing Running Tool

Damage to offshore production casing and tubing during handling can lead to premature failure, disrupting production and posing a safety risk to workers.

First Subsea's Casing Running Tools (CRT) use balls in tapered pockets to replace traditional die slip teeth, minimising the damage to the pipe and providing both the gripping and/or handling function as well as rotational torque. As the tool is lowered onto the pipe, the balls roll down tapers and grip the outer wall of the pipe in direct proportion to the load applied enabling large loads to be handled. 

Comparison testing of ball and taper technology versus die slip teeth shows a dramatic reduction in hoop strain and localised stress concentration levels. As a result, damage to drill pipe casing is reduced by between 200% and 400% using First Subsea's ball and taper Casing Running Tool.

First Subsea Casing Running Tool features include:

  • Provides both the gripping / handling function and rotational torque for the threaded pipe sections, specifically casing, during rig operations
  • Minimises damage to the pipe casing and overcomes technical and load limits of traditional die slips
  • Improves worker safety by reducing manual handling and personnel required during pipe casing operations
  • Provides a solution to the growing requirement to use heavier strings by offering tools with the capability to handle extremely heavy weights (2,000T plus)

First Subsea's CRT is extensively used by Canrig Technologies Inc. using patented SureGrip™ technology. In 2011, the SureGrip™ CRT was awarded by OTC, the coveted OTC New Technology Award.


Coiled Tube Handling Tool

Ballgrab® Coiled Tubing Handling Tool (CTHT) is designed for the deployment of risers and pipeline tubing. The tool provides a secure grip without damaging the tubing and, with a lower outer profile than the reeled tubing, it can be easily passed through the gooseneck of the installation system. The tools are designed, manufactured and tested to comply with "DNV for Lifting Appliances".

Due to the versatility of the CTHT, there are a number of both onshore and offshore applications where this tool can be used. These include handling coiled tubing and drill pipe for fracking, drilling and oil production.

First Subsea's CTHT can be supplied with any form of thread and interface to suit customer specifications. Common interfaces include; clevis head, pad eye, swivel joint and knurled or hex nut.

Coiled Tube Handling Tool features include:

  • Common pipe Size: 3/4 Inch (1.9 cm) to 4.5 Inch (11.43 cm) (bespoke sizes available)
  • Typical threaded interface
  • Bespoke tools made to order, 4 to 6 weeks ARO
  • Smaller outer profile than reeled tube for gooseneck Installation systems
  • Field proven designed for multiple lifts
  • All our range of CTHTs are CE marked and certified
  • Minimum damage to drill pipe or coiled tubing
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